Terms & Conditions



  1. Vehicle shall be driven by hirer person.
  2. Hirer shall responsible for the damage of Vehicle, Property, Person or animals caused by the vehicle during rental period for his/ her negligence fault or any other reason.
  3. Hirer shall be liable to pay the rent during the period of repair mentioned by the workshop.
  4. In case of theft hirer shall be responsible for Police clearance report and liable to pay the cost of vehicle, rent and all other expenses during the Police clearance report.
  5. Hirer shall be fully responsible, if vehicle is used in any kind of illegal activities during rental period.
  6. If any inquiry from any institute of law for any kind of activity. Hirer shall be responsible for clearance of inquiry at any time after repossess the vehicle for his/ her renting period.
  7. The vehicle should be used within the limits of specified area & if used outside of specified area, one of our office representatives must be informed accordingly.
  8. Hirer will bring the vehicle for checking after every 1000 K.M.
  9. Oil & Oil filter will be changed by the car-rental company after every 2000 K.M and same to be billed to the hirer.
  10. Any Mechanical fault during rental period hirer shall be responsible for all the expenses.
  11. Hirer will be fully responsible for all traffic rules & regulations during rental period.
  12. The car rental company is not liable to pay any claim against loss of personal belonging of renting party, claim after return of our vehicle.
  13. With chauffer driven services Terms & Conditions will remain the same and company should be at the liberty to terminate this contract and repossess the vehicle.


The following terms and conditions apply to overseas customers only.

  1. Customer who intends to get their desired vehicle service, i.e. pick up services or any other, they must have to specify flight arrival timing and any other necessary detail.
  2. The customer is obliged to pay his/ her over dues in advance with any mode of payment specified in booking schedule.
  3. If there is any change in flight, the customer must have to inform management immediately soon after his/ her acknowledge.
  4. In case of cancellation of vehicle booking the customer is oblige to pay fix amount of charges as a penalty according to company policy.
  5. The penalty amount is fixed Rs. 10, 000/- for all customers who notify management/ cancel their bookings within week.
  6. The penalty amount is fixed Rs. 15, 000/- for all customers who notify management/ cancel their bookings within 72 hours.
  7. The penalty amount is fixed Rs. 20, 000/- for all customers who notify management/ cancel their bookings within 24 hours.
  8. If any customer who do not taken any action regarding cancellation of booking and did not arrived on time specified in booking schedule, the booking will be considered as a cancelled/ void and penalty charges for Rs.20, 000/- must have to be bear by the customer/hirer.
  9. The cancellation/ penalty charges will be deducted from invoice and any difference of amount/ refund amount will be deposited into hirer account or with any other source of payment.
  10. All customers must have to be obliging with the terms and conditions changes by the firm on timely basis.


The following terms and conditions apply to customers who intend to avail vehicle with insurance.

  1. In case of accident, initial payment for Rs. up to 10,000/- is fixed and must be payable by the customer to firm registered office.
  2. Excess of any amount will be payable by the firm but customer is oblige to pay for up to 10% of any excess amount (This does not include damages payable to third party or any maintenance charges for other vehicle).
  3. The estimate for repair and maintenance will be calculated by authorized workshop representative in nearest location i.e. Honda, Toyota or Suzuki.
  4. The person who hires vehicles can avail the said facility.


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